Dont Judge a Book by Its Cover

Published: 2021-06-29 04:30:59
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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
They were this couple in Toronto Canada that goes by the name of Jermaine and his wife Mary. They were having a hard time getting a child because Jermaine had trouble with getting his wife pregnant. They grew tired of trying and trying. They even tried seeing doctor to find out what was wrong but the doctor didn't see anything that could make this couple have problems making a child.
After many more nights of trying, Mary and Jermaine decided that they're going to adopt a baby girl and forget about making one. The girl that they chose was of the age of 5 and looked very cute and innocent. They decided that they're going to name her Legna because she looked like an angel and because its angel backwards. Little did they know what she really was about.
The couple adopted Legna and took her under their wing, with no expectations of stressful possibilities because of her innocent look. But looks doesn't tell this girl's story, either does it tell what good or bad she has in store.
As the couple adjusted their life with a new member, they notice that Legna had already started learning how to play the piano and she is a very good singer. She sounds like a full grown lady when she sings. She's not the playing type of kid, she was more interested in reading books and for that the couple admired. They were very pleased and amaze of Legna's behavior. Finally, this family was on a path towards happiness and was ready for anything that hit them. Or so they thought.
The life of this family was very simple Mary was the house wife she would stay home and keep the house clean cook the food and takes care of Legna. Jermaine is a very busy business man and is always out on business trips which would often last for a week the most. Most of the time it was Mary home taking care of Legna and doing things a normal house wife would do. So that's basically an everyday thing for Mary.

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