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Published: 2021-06-29 04:40:52
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As a successful retail, Pizza Hut always explores some new products to cater changes of consumers' tastes. In recent years, its consumers are willing to pay for these changes of new menus. In this case, consumer behavior is an important consideration when setting up a market plan. Therefore, understanding the behavior of consumers is crucial to the success of retail. Economists have a long been interested in the determinates of consumer behaviour, but my studies will concentrate on three major dimensions of consumer behaviour.Firstly, I analyze how employee's attitudes affect consumers, then examine the link between music and consumer behaviour. Finally, find out the influence of decoration and point-of-purchase on sales.
Many retails begin to focus on marketing, especially for training their employees' behaviours on providing service, because employee behaviour has a significant influence on consumers' feeling of warmth and comfort. When consumers come into a store, they purchase not only products but also service and good mood. For those new consumers, if they are treated politely and respectively, they will responds waiters in a friend way, so waiters can provide service in high emotion, which forms a vicious cycle in business. Meanwhile, a good experience on purchasing at first time, the trust is being developing between buyer and retail brand. This is the key for consumer loyalty. Moreover, The-employee-customer-profit Chain at Sears (Sear, 1998) discovered that if a 5% improvement in employee attitudes, which will bring a 1.3% increase in consumer satisfaction as well as 0.05% growth in revenue. That is the reason why many retails plunge a large amount of money on employee training.
Actually, a piece of inconspicuous music may determinate some judgments from consumers. Firstly, music has a function of enlarging the shopping time. In early study, Milliman compared the sale of grocery store when it was in fast, slow or no music. It was found out that people who stayed in slow music store can spend 38% more time on shopping than those in that of fast music store.( Milliman,1982 in R.F.Yalch and E.R.Spangenberg 2000 ) This meant that slow music allowed people to shop longer in grocery stores or spend more time in a restaurant, which may increase sales. Another interesting phenomenon is that consum

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