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Published: 2021-06-29 04:35:20
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The way women's prisons were in the 1800's were the women in the Auburn system were put in a room with no windows and were held for 24 hours a day with no recreation. Also some of the guards raped the women and beat them up and as a result some of these women died. The women were housed with the men and so they were treated as a man would be. According to the article I found it states "several religious philanthropic organizations intervened and pressed for various forms that would improve the conditions the women lived in". "History Of Women's Prisons In The United States" (1984), The way women's prison have changed is that women get three meals a day, they get recreation time, they are allowed to work, and also are able to have visits from family. The three basic arguments that were established to keep the juvenile offenders away from the adult prisoners were juveniles would learn bad habits, the penitentiary regimen was too hard, and juveniles could be reformed if they were diverted early. In my opinion if these juveniles were kept with adult prisoners then they would have been hurt and also their behaviors will be worse because they will pick up the bad habits from the adult prisoners. The purpose of prison labor was to keep the prisoners busy and for the prisoners to be punished for what they have done. The reason why prison labor declined is because some of the officials did not think that it was fair for the prisoners to do labor because it had no purpose.

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