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Published: 2021-06-29 04:39:05
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Suyanti Lie
Marketing Communication

Problem 1
- The variant and flavour are too much, so consumer confused to choose and increase the cost

If cow girl have more variant, cow girl must educate the consumer about what flavour they have and what variant that cow girl have. They can educate consumer by brochure, be a sponsor in the seminar. Example : if there is a seminar and provide a snack, cow girl can be a sponsor of it. Every product have their own performance in addition to the product's sales and profit contribution. Product with poor performance should be eliminated.

Product Flavors & Variant Elimination Strategy - David A. Aaker

Problem 2
- Since U.S only have15 % of consumers that eating hot and spicy, the variant of Chocolate that Cowgirl offer dont have a big segment in US.
The flavour is too spicy for american people.

- Focus to other variant, for example focus to "Chocolate Caramel" maybe will make american people more accept than focus on spivy and hot chocolate. For example brand of a chocolate "milk" have a hot and spicy flavour, but they dont really fokus on that flavour. Just for a variation.

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