Coaching Case

Published: 2021-06-29 04:26:07
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There are many reasons why I want to coach. First of all I love basketball so much that I want to teach other how to play it. I don't want to just inform them about the game, I want to spend my time developing, training and supporting my team. I truly believe that by shown my team that I care about them and their success will help me get closer to them. This will make my job much easier knowing that they are like my own kids. Second, it is a challenge to take a person and develop the skills they have in them. It would be the best feeling in the world helping a person discover their true talent. Third it is also a challenge to take those players that have a hard time or don't have much skill and making them team players to help their team. Fourth, coaching is fun. Going to practice is a way to know my players really good and we would joke around once in a while. Being a coach you have to make sure that your team is having fun. The main reason to play a sport is to have fun in it. Last but not least, respect. I like the respect you get by accomplishing your job. People are really friendly to you and they look up to you. I would become like a role model for many people not just my players.

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