Christopher Colombus 1492

Published: 2021-06-29 04:32:45
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In the year 1492 Christopher Colombus founded the New World. After this discovery, European countries began establishing colonies on this new found continent. As a result, the natives of this land know as the Native American's life changed greatly. Two of the main European powers that setteled in this new found land were the French and British. During the this time the British handicapped the Native Americans economy, and did not respect their culture. The French on the other hand, responed mutally with the Native Americans economically and greatly apericiated their culture.
When the French arrived in the New World aroun the early 1500's, they were actually looking for a passage to the East Indies. They sailed along the St. Lawrence River which ended quicker then then French expected. Once the French had landed and claimed this land they started to create settlements. The settlement failed and wasnt revisited until the early 1600's. In 1608 Samuel de Champlain took a group of settleres to the Montreal area and founded a fort. Here the French recruited the Native Americans for trade and indircetly increased the economy of the Native Americans. They brought in fur trade and traded the Native Americans items they valued such as beads, knives, and eventually guns. Culturally the Natives and the French got along well. The French respected the ways of the Native Americans and formed very relations with them. The French even helped a group of Native Americans called the Huron fend off the tribes enemy; a southern tribe called the Iroquois. Champlain and one of his soldier shot and killed three Iroquois. As you can see, the French gained a lot from respecting and befriending the Native Americans.

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