Chantale and Clinton

Published: 2021-06-29 04:41:53
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Desired Service
Desired Service is the level of service the customer hopes to receive.

Personal Needs
Physical needs are physical, social, psychological and functional
* Buying a new refrigerator in order to accommodate the special dietary needs of the youngest child. Riley's were used to prepare meals each day, using basic ingredients as their youngest child had allergies and it was difficult using canned food.
* New refrigerator as a way to save energy and to do their part of environment, also a refrigerator was required to store regular perishables.
* Past experience of Chantale was good with The Canadian, Chantale recalled they had bought a front loading washing machine but after it started creating problems The Canadian agreed to accept the return of the washing machine and the Riley's had received a full reimbursement.

* They bought it from The Canadian only because
-Chantale had been employed as a department manager at The Canadian for three years and she had always described the policies of the store as very customer orientated.
-The Riley's had always been loyal to the Bryand Brand of appliances . During their 27 years of marriage all of the appliances had been purchased at this chain.

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