Changing the Way We Look at a Tattoo

Published: 2021-06-29 04:40:12
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I knew my life would change after I received my first tattoo. I was willing to be looked at differently, and judged before anyone would ask. There are many reasons not to get a tattoo, and for every one reason there is two to three reasons to get a tattoo. I will name a few factors to think about before I decided to have my skin changed forever. Religion, family, social standards, and beliefs, I had to think of the outcome and make the decision that would change the way the world saw me.

Tattoos are more acceptable now than they were about 10-15 years ago. Not knowing if I was following my ancestors, or starting something new for my immediate family. Tattoos have been around through the ages and will continue to be around well into my family's future. Believing my ancestors had tattoos in honor of religion, family traditions, beliefs, or as simple as to honor loved ones living or ones who have passed away. The bottom line is you see tattoos around more now than is the past. You take a few minutes on a sunny day and you can get a glimpse of something as small as a butterfly or something as large as an arm that is covered like a sleeve on people of all ages, and nationality.

Even the people who have tattoos are judge on how many they have, and what they look like. Instead of asking if that person can conceal them for occasions or how well he may clean up or blend in. In my opinion tattoos are fashionable, they are not cheap, and they last a lifetime. Tattoos seem to be rising over the years, from a time when they were believed to be for criminals and undesirables, to now where mothers mark the births of their children, soldiers mark a fallen comrad, and spouses proclaim their love for each other. After all the controversy, I believe in having tattoos, and I am willing to educate the people who ask.

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