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Published: 2021-06-29 04:23:23
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Apple – iPhone: Business StrategyMGMT2001 - Semester 2, 2014Anna James,  Andrew McPherson, Kewei Fan & Thomas Prince[pic 1][pic 2]Executive SummaryTable of ContentsExecutive Summary        21.        Introduction        52. Strategic Analysis        6External environment analysis        6General environment        6Specific environment        6Internal or competitive analysis        8Core competencies        8Strategic Competitive Advantage        8Internal weaknesses        8Conclusions about organisation’s competitive position in its market.        93. Strategic directions and strategic objectives        10Vision and Mission        10Strategic objectives        11Ethics position        11Stakeholder Analysis        12Conclusions on organisation’s strategic direction and strategic objectives.        134. Broad Business Strategies        14Ansoff’s Product Matrix        14Miles and Snow’s Adaptive Strategies        15Porter’s Competitive Strategies        15International strategies        155. Strategic Implementation: General Perspective        16Environmental Turbulence and Business Strategy Focus        16Evidence of unrealised, unintended or imposed strategy        16Strategic Flux        16Strategic Drift        16Transformational Change        17Second Curve Activity        17BCG Matrix        176. Strategic Implementation Issues        18Strategic implementation issues faced by the organisation        187. Strategic evaluation        20Triple bottom line reporting        20Economic bottom line        20Social Justice Bottom Line        20

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