American Gangster: The Rise of Frank Lucas

Published: 2021-06-29 04:29:18
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American Gangster: The Rise of Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas is a very influential and successful black male figure in today's society who used a drug known as heroin to turn him into a millionaire. American Gangster (2007) is an outstanding movie based on the life of Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) and what it took for him to control the United States as a heroin kingpin, American Gangster was a film written by Steven Zaillian, and Mark Jacobson in 2007. In the late 1970's detective Richie Roberts used scheming tactics to bring down the drug empire of Frank Lucas, who was smuggling heroin into the country from the Far East. Furthermore, the movie has more things right than it has wrong, and for that very reason it is a great historical movie.
The film American Gangster (2007) has a lot of resemblance to the actual life of Frank Lucas. Frank Lucas actually lived a life of crime and used money as well as drugs to build an empire. One real life example that was shown was detective Richie Roberts really turned in $1,000,000 in drug money found from Frank Lucas. Frank Lucas is the most dangerous man walking the streets of our city (Roberts). Richie Roberts also said that he did get some heat for turning in the money, but he didn't become a dirty cop around his fellow officers like displayed in the movie ("American Gangster"). Also, a big accuracy that was proven to be true was detective Richie Roberts's private investigator partner really did become a junkie, "One of my partners did, yeah," (qtd. by Roberts).

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