Activities of a Bamboo Featured Resort - Wellness Center

Published: 2021-06-29 04:28:10
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Activities of a Bamboo Featured Resort

Wellness Center
The Wellness Center of the resort consists of 100 private Thermal Spring Spa and a main building.

The Thermal Spring Spa contains 100 private pools, each accommodating two to five people. Unlike normal thermal spring center, the Thermal Spring Spa here provides a very private space for each guest, both physically and intangibly. Each private spring pool is located within a small yard isolated by bamboo from each other, with a stunning view of the bamboo sea. The pool is against a small bamboo structure, which contains the shower and the changing room. Personalized SPA services featuring in bamboo are provided to guests according to their preferences. A consultation will be conducted towards each guest to decide the tailor-made SPA treatment. The Spa treatments are featured for its material made from bamboo. Hot bamboo is also used as massage tool to enhance guests' experience. Additionally, Food & Beverage service is also available for each private pool. Generally, the Thermal Spring Spa offers each guest an opportunity to stay close with nature, and share a perfect moment with their most intimate people.

The main building serves as a reception of the Wellness Center. It also provides in-room Spa services, such as foot massage, facial treatment, etc. Apart from Spa services, the main building also provide other wellness facilities, including a public swimming pool, sauna rooms, yoga rooms, a gym, etc. Professional coaches are also available to give personal instructions to guests.

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