Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Published: 2021-06-29 04:25:39
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ADNOC CompanyNameInstitution of Learning         Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is an oil company owned by the United Arab Emirates. ADNOC is one of the leading world’s energy producers. The company operates both locally in the United Arab Emirates and internationally. Since its establishment, the company has enjoyed steady growth in its operations. Today the ADNOC is an integrated oil and gas company formed by a group of companies with several subsidiaries. The company has proficiency in exploration, production, refining and distribution of petroleum products.  The company is a significant contributor to the UAE economic growth and development through its management, production and preservations of the nation’s available hydrocarbon resources. ADNOC embraces modern technology and innovation in enhancing the value in its output as well as solving the underlying problems facing the energy market. This paper focuses on analysing Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s products with regards to meeting is quality objectives, effectiveness, presentation, cost and reliability.Quality objectives of ADNOC products        Quality in manufacturing refers to the degree to which the process of manufacturing leads to design and development of products and services that meet the needs of the customers. ADNOC focuses on promoting quality its operations as a key consideration towards satisfying their stakeholder’s needs. One of the company’s major quality objective is customer outreach and satisfaction. As a result, the company has taken initiatives to continue improving the quality of its products through the use of innovative technology. The company puts more emphasis on the effectiveness and efficiency of its product’s life cycle thus enhancing success. For all its petrochemical products the company interacts with its customers closely to ensure that they receive feedback regarding the quality that its customers expect.        Another quality objective for the company is enhancing customer engagement. The company collaborate and interact with the employees as a way of sharing information regarding how best the company can foster quality in the entire process of developing its products. For instance, the company engages its customers in its supply chain management and sustainability of its products. The main agenda is to develop insights on how to improve the supply chain management that ensures that the customers receive products that meet their expectations. On the other hand, the engagement also focuses on establishing better strategies that would ensure that the company develops quality products that are environmentally friendly.         Additionally, the company also focuses on promoting the competency of its staff as a key strategy for improving the quality of its products. As a result, the company has established in-house training programmes offered by UK’s Nautical Institute and its academy. The knowledge and skills gained from the training play a greater role in helping ADNOC in enhancing quality in the design, development, and distribution of its products. The training also assists the employees of the company in enhancing operational efficiencies which in turn help in ensuring that the company customers access safe and secure energy products. This is has helped the company developing loyal customers for its energy products.[pic 1]

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