90k Lock Systems to India

Published: 2021-06-29 04:19:21
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                                                              [pic 1]                                                                           Milestone 1Executive summary90k lock is a smart lock revolution company. It detects fingerprints in order to open the door.  It comes with a 1-megapixel infrared night vision webcam embedded. It makes it easy for the household or the business to secure the belongings. Electronics for you expo was first held in 2013 and that proved that Indian industry for sure knows the art of surviving and flourishing even in the worst situations. (EFY Expo 2016 Brochure, n.d.) . It has a strong reputation and attracts a lot of audiences. It focuses on the electronics value chain, including components, parts, materials, manufacturing services and equipment.Market strategy This is an apt opportunity to promote our 90k lock systems to India. India is an emerging economy and has a wide variety of opportunities to be explored. So we are going to organise  event regarding are 90k lock systems so that people can come and see what types of locks we are going to introduce in their country. It will be a three-day event to be held in New Delhi from 11th-13th January, 2017. The estimated sales revenue will be $70000.EXHIBIT DETAILSDate- 11 – 13 January 2017 (http://india.efyexpo.com/blog/category/blog/, n.d.)

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