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True Media Foundation is the vision of Christopher Tribble of Versatile Productions, Inc. ( ), a “New Media” production company established in 1980 in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley between Aspen and Glenwood Springs. After many years of working in the television broadcast industry, his work being featured on all of the major networks.

Tribble realized the need for a shift in programming away from mindlessness and violence and towards media with positive messaging. True Media Foundation mindfully cultivates media — whether it is television, radio, or print — that educates, enlightens, and honors the human experience.

BE HEARD logo 84 x 160In 2000, Tribble produced BE HEARD! America’s Youth Forum, a series offering young people a respectful and supportive program in which to voice their opinions on a broad range of topics. The six-part series was broadcast on thirty PBS stations nation-wide. Efforts to seek grants and raise funds for the continuation of BE HEARD! led Tribble to the realization that there was truly a need for a non-profit foundation that would support and develop “Media with Positive Social Value.”

True Media Foundation received its 501 (c) (3) designation in January, 2005. The True Media philosophy includes providing direction to enhance the missions of other non-profits and to provide authentic learning experiences for students. True Media educates and mentors youth while leading them through the process of video integration into new media and social networking.

BE HEARD! is a social media mobile production tour. The crew behind the scenes and in front of the  camera are all millennials. The program introduces real-life, real time social media applications creating and a two way street of communication on the road.

BE HEARD! aims to empower millennials to constructively voice their opinions that will encourage on-going dialog that crosses generational lines.

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BE HEARD! Core Ideology

BE HEARD! emphatically believes that empowerment and knowledge come from the free exchange of ideas and opinions, and we can make a difference in the lives of the next generation  by creating and sharing in a constructive environment on the internet sharing issues that touch them.

BE HEARD! and Colorado Public Television have formed a strong alliance to bring BE HEARD! to the Front Range of Colorado. On any given day, up to 50,000 people are watching Channel 12. The station serves 3.5 million households in their broadcast area, including metropolitan Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, as well as part of Eastern Colorado and Wyoming.

For over 20 years now viewers in the Denver Metro area and other parts of the Front Range have looked to KBDI to provide a strong, independent source of programming that complements other commercial and non-commercial stations. The station has become a civic, cultural and intellectual resource unlike any other – performing an essential service that simply is not otherwise offered – and it has become a model for alternative public television in other parts of the nation.

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