Why Your Voice and Vote Count in 2016

The fate of young Americans is in the forefront.  Nothing will be more important to their futures than the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  Millennials have a huge stake in what their world’s landscape will look like: jobs, wages, taxes, interest rates, education, environment, health care, foreign affairs, etc…   The beginning of change starts with YOUR VOICE and YOUR VOTE.

BE HEARD! empowers those who rarely get the opportunity to speak their minds or share their opinions. BE HEARD! provides a venue for politicians to learn what is really important to YOU .

This is a movement to give younger generations a consistent, strong voice. This is not about party association; this is about putting prejudices aside and getting to the real truths that lie in the cities and towns ignored by main stream media.

Voices will unite. Questions will beg for answers. Ideas may lead to solutions.

BE HEARD! shakes up traditional lines of communication by using the Internet and Social Media to broadcast the conversation.

Join the movement. Be the change. BE HEARD!

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What is BE HEARD!

Journalism in the 21st century needs an update! There are too many news stations broadcasting the same gibberish with biased agendas. Networks are controlled by corporations giving us the illusion of choice. How do we reclaim the media to exercise our first amendment right and thus tilt the balance of power back into the hands of the American people? BE HEARD! is the next step forward in source journalism, using the internet as a distribution source, and the people of the world as the content. BE HEARD! is the next voice of Americans, the time is now for us to co-create a culture that involves all Americans. By doing so we will begin to discover what connects us all as Americans. BE HEARD! is aimed at being a disturbance that cannot be ignored, because finding the real opinions of the American people will no doubt affect the way our Presidential candidates react and respond in the upcoming race for presidency.

Join Us! Your Voice Counts

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"Be the change you want to see in the world"

BE HEARD! is the gateway to a community of activists that are looking to join in creating discussions about global topics such as: education, environment, happiness, jobs, immigration, and much more.

By creating discussion we will begin to uncover what it is that connects us all to what is means to be an American or better yet what it means to be a citizen of the world. BE HEARD! is going to be the forefront of inspiring change through collecting grassroots opinions and spreading them globally through the world wide web, enabling people to have a voice that may otherwise be ignored. With the 2016 Presidential Election approaching, BE HEARD! is looking to use this election as a way to

gather opinions, concerns, and wisdom from the American public. This is the 3rd Election where social media has allowed for content to be distributed to a world wide audience, but up until BE HEARD! information was only distributed to the masses to spread a specific political agenda with no ambitions for the intended audience to respond. BE HEARD! will give the public the ability to react and collaborate on a real time basis. When you Subscribe to the BE HEARDTV YouTube channel you become part of our community and can immediately begin joining in the conversation under one network dedicated to positive social change. Your voice matters and by joining BE HEARD! now, you will join in creating a unified voice loud enough so that the people that really need to listen can’t ignore.

BE HEARD! gives people a voice by traveling to different cities, collecting opinions through video, and distributing them through social media. BE HEARD! also invites people to submit their own videos to express their own opinions. BE HEARD! will upload the videos to our site as well as discuss it in a live streaming events. BE HEARD! is powerful because it can reach a global audience with no restrictions as to how far people’s voices can BE HEARD or where their voices may come from. Using the internet as a home base gives BE HEARD! a global audience and a following the cannot be ignored.

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